About Us
A little background.

Our experience with Deviant Electric Vehicles began with the Tiltahurl. This is
the little car that could. This was Dr. Megasmoke's first foray into the DeviantEV
concept. After using off the shelf combinations of motor controllers and R/C
interfaces, much time and money was wasted on trying to not destroy boards
that should have worked. The right combination of off the shelf  and some
"other" custom boards have, for now, left us with a usable unit.

Our next foray into DeviantEV's is the larger and much heavier
Tubahurl. Using
twice the motors and 1/3 more voltage, the same board combination, which
again, should have worked, didn't. This time the results were nearly disastrous.
One thing that we at
DeviantEV.com cannot stress enough, when
electronics go up in smoke, they quite often short circuit before they go up in
smoke. Please keep this in mind when designing your project. Redundancy with
safety circuits is a must!. i.e. Multiple master power interrupts.

So on that note. Please be safe.